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Cliff Burton Signature Bass

Over the years, many people have asked about the classic Aria Pro Black 'n Gold I bass that was Cliff's iconic instrument of choice and now Aria Guitars of Japan is proud to introduce the Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass this month.
Working with Cliff's family and our guitar techs, attention was paid to every detail... see the description and specs in the official press release below. The bass will be officially launched at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA January 24-27. Cliff's father, Ray Burton, will be on hand at the Aria Guitars booth to do the introduction and sign autographs on Friday, January 25 at 12:00 noon.
Aria Guitars of Japan is proud to introduce the Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass. This guitar has been a year in the making and is being made with the authorization of the Cliff Burton family and Metallica. Cliff Burton was the bassist for Metallica for their first three albums, Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets.
The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is a replica of the Black 'n Gold I bass that Cliff played. Painstaking attention to detail was taken to build a tribute bass. It has a 7-ply maple/walnut neck with a neck-through, heel-less neck design. It has the same headstock with the patent statement on the front and Cliff Burton's authorized signature on the back of the headstock. Each of the tuners are handcrafted out of brass and gold-plated and the 40mm nut is made of brass. The neck has a 34 inch scale with 24 frets. The fretboard is made of rosewood with cat eye and mother of pearl inlays.
The body is the original SB shape and made of alder. The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is loaded with an Aria MB-V passive pickup. It has a single tone and volume control with a dual sound mini-toggle switch. The bridge is solid brass with gold plated saddles. The bass will ship inside of a deluxe ostrich hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity signed by Ray Burton. Both players and collectors alike will desire this unique bass guitar.
When the new Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass was presented to Cliff's father, Ray Burton, he stated " What a beautiful instrument and a wonderful tribute to Cliff. The first year Cliff was with Metallica he played a Rickenbacker guitar that he purchased in 1982. He loved his guitar, but he did not feel it was a strong enough instrument to withstand the rugged treatment of the daily rigors of heavy metal touring. Early in 1984 Cliff was treated to an Aria Pro II bass guitar. He really liked it and therefore did not seek any other bass to play. He told me it was strong and ideal to play. I never heard a discouraging word about his Aria bass guitars. To give testament to his preference, he had several of them at the time of his death."
The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass will be officially launched at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California on January 24-27, 2013 in the Aria Guitars booth, Hall E, Booth #1548. Cliff Burton's father, Ray Burton, will officially introduce the guitar on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 12 o'clock noon and be available to sign autographs for dealers and Metallica fans. The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass will be available through authorized Aria dealers in the United States and throughout the world. North America dealers can contact Jim Chen of Audio Images in San Francisco, California at 415-957-9131 for more details.
Headstock: Original SB Design
Neck Shape: Standard, Medium
Neck: 7 Ply Maple/Walnut
Neck Joint: Neck-through, Heel-less Cutaway
Tuners: Handmade Solid Brass Tuner Buttons, 24 K Gold Plated
Nut: 40mm Width Solid Brass
Truss rod Cover: Solid Brass
Headstock Front Inlays: Patent Statement
Headstock Back Inlay: Cliff Burton Authorized Signature
Fretboard Scale: 34" or 864mm
Frets: 24 Frets
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fretboard Inlays: Cat Eye, Mother of Pearl Inlays
Body Shape: Original SB Shape, Super Balanced Body
Body Material: Alder
Pickup: Aria MB-V Passive Pickup
Controls: 1xVolume, 1xTone, 1-Dual Sound Mini-Toggle Switch
Knobs: Black SB Knobs
Tailpiece: Solid Brass With 24K Gold Plated Saddles and Black Plated Body
Strap Pins: 18K Gold Plated Solid Brass
Strings: Rotosound RS66LB (35, 55, 70, 90)
Certificate: Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Ray Burton and Toshi Matsumura
Case: Deluxe Ostrich Hardshell Case With Gold Hardware

Lamb Of God Frontman Indicted On Manslaughter Charges

The days when audience members could go onstage at metal shows could very well be over. The latest controversy occurred last week, when Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe was arrested in the Czech Republic on suspicion of manslaughter. The charge stems from an incident at a Lamb of God performance on May 24th, 2010 in Prague, when a fan who repeatedly came onstage was pushed, and eventually died.
With Lamb of God touring in support of their latest album, Resolution, the band was set to play the Czech Republic on June 28th. They arrived the day before, at which time Blythe was arrested. Since then, it has become a legal snafu. As the band's manager, Larry Mazer, told Rolling Stone on Tuesday"We were told on Saturday that he had been approved by the judge for bail – $200,000 – and if we paid it, he would be released probably this morning. We all went to bed thinking that he would be out. I had flights booked for him to come back. And then at 4 o'clock this morning – because they're six hours ahead – I received a call from the lawyer in the Czech Republic telling us that the prosecution was challenging the bail, and because of that, he wouldn't be released today."
Mazer has spoken to Blythe's bandmates, and no one recalls the incident in question. "However, there are YouTube videos, which 100 percent show Randy's innocence. As a matter of fact, all of those videos have now been sent to our lawyer, and he's presenting it to the judge tomorrow morning [July 4th]. This case is so full of holes. Nobody reported an injury of any kind at the concert, or after the concert. It was at least an hour to two hours later, supposedly, when this kid went to a hospital.
"So that's number one – why did nothing occur during the show? Number two, he had supposedly been in a coma for 30 days, but it wasn't [until] a couple of months later that they contacted the promoter to ask his understanding of the events. He said the same thing – that the show went on fine, no nothing, no incidents. They told him that a person had been injured, which led to a death, which he had no knowledge of whatsoever. And then it went away. Two years go by, and Randy gets arrested."
Mazer sent Rolling Stone the aforementioned YouTube video, which shows the fan coming onstage three times. "I got sent this video, which clearly shows a security guy sitting at the edge of the stage," said the band's manager. "This kid, by the way, climbed up onstage twice prior. The third time, he tried to climb up onstage, the security guard grabs him, throws him down the stage. You see him thrown on the floor. How does the prosecution in the Czech Republic do an investigation of this, charge Randy Blythe with manslaughter, when this video shows a security guy throwing the guy onto the floor?"
Presumably, this incident will result in less onstage interaction between performers and audience members. As Mazer said, "This has got to be a wake-up call to every performer in the world, that what you thought was your safe haven is absolutely – as witnessed by the Dimebag Darrell thing and now this – no longer your safe haven. For some reason, kids feel that the purchase of a ticket enables them to go up onstage. What's Randy Blythe supposed to do? How does he know the guy's not coming at him with a gun or a knife?
"Let's not forget, a Lamb of God fan did die, which is a tragedy. But having said that, every performer should look at this now and be very concerned about what their rights are on a stage, when someone comes running at you."

Suffocation Release Album "Pinnacle of Bedlam"

Pinnacle of Bedlam is the seventh studio album by American death metal band Suffocation. It is the band's first full length record since Pierced from Within to not feature Mike Smith (although he makes a guest appearance on the final track), instead the albums features returning drummer Dave Culross, making this his first full length record with Suffocation and his first release overall with the band since 1998's Despise the Sun. Track 10, 'Beginning of Sorrow', is a re-recording of the track of the same name from the album Breeding the Spawn.
A limited edition release of the CD included a DVD containing the 75-minute documentary The Making of Pinnacle of Bedlam.
In it's first week the album sold about 3,200 copies and landed at the 152 position on the Billboard 200.

Track listing

1."Cycles of Suffering"  3:56
2."Purgatorial Punishment"  2:44
3."Eminent Wrath"  3:40
4."As Grace Descends"  3:04
5."Sullen Days"  4:57
6."Pinnacle of Bedlam"  3:42
7."My Demise"  4:03
8."Inversion"  3:50
9."Rapture of Revocation"  3:49
10."Beginning of Sorrow"  4:32
Total length:


Frank Mullen – vocals
Terrance Hobbs – guitars
Guy Marchais – guitars
Derek Boyer – bass
Dave Culross – drums

Napalm Death's Has Been Cancelled The Concerns

Napalm Death: Ceramic art is officially not metulz
In rather Monday-ruining news, Napalm Death’s recently announced gig at London’s prestigious V&A Museum in South Kensington has been cancelled due to the concerns of having brutally pummelling grindcore let loose on a museum. Fair enough, really.
“It is with regret that we have taken the decision to cancel the one-off Napalm Death performance in collaboration with our ceramic artist in residence Keith Harrison on Friday 22 March,” reads a statement from the organisers.
“This was due to take place in the Europe Galleries which are currently being refurbished and a further safety inspection has revealed concerns that the high level of decibels generated by the performance would damage the historic fabric of the building.
“The V&A is committed to an exciting programme of exhibitions and events but the safety of our visitors and building remains our priority at all times.”
Ah well.

Hammersonic 2013 Lineup

Here's the temporary schedule information for Hammersonic 2013
Saturday, 27 April 2013: 
Lock Up
Dying Fetus
 Hour of Penance
Power Metal
Dead Vertical

Sunday, 28 April 2013: 
Cradle of Filth 

Cannibal Corpse 
As I Lay Dying 
Putrid Pile 
The Amenta 
Advent Sorrow 
Sucker Head 

The few bands that have not been scheduled we will inform you immediately.
See you all at Hammersonic 2013 on 27th-28th April 2013 in Ecopark Ancol, Jakarta

Biography of "Deadsquad"

Deadsquad is Indonesian death metal band formed in 2006 in Jakarta. The current members are Daniel Mardhany (vocal), Stevie Item (guitar), Bonnie Sidharta (bass), Coki Bollemeyer (guitar), and Andyan Gorust (drums). They have released one album namely Horror Vision in 2009.

Early formation Stevie Item of Andra & The Back Bone and Ricky Siahaan of Seringai wanted to make a project band to fulfill the desire to play metal. Bonnie Sidharta of Tengkorak and Andyan Gorust of Siksakubur were invited to complete the form. After Siahaan resigned, in June 2006, Prisa Adinda of Zala was recruited to be a guitarist, shortly thereafter Babal was recruited to be a vocalist. Since then, they call themselves Deadsquad. In November 2007 Adinda resigned. In October 2008, there was successor for Adinda namely Coki Bollemeyer of Netral. In the same month, Daniel Mardhany of Abolish Conception joined the band.

Horror Vision was released on 9 March 2009 by Rottrevore, coincided with Lamb Of God concert in Jakarta. The album was re-released by Dark Colloseum from Malaysia. The album consist of 8 tracks. It was influenced by Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, and Sepultura. The first track of the album "Pasukan Mati" tells about the brutality of right-wing fascist mob that are counterproductive, and the guitar played by Item was influenced by Steve Vai as well as "Dominasi Belati". However, bass played by Sidharta, and growl and scream by Mardhany were not "audible". The quality of recording is quite bad.[On "Manufaktur Replika Babtis", they called it tells a coercion of choosing religion in Indonesia. They also covered "Arise" as a tribute to Sepultura.

Genre: Death Metal, mixed with technical, old school and new school.

Influenced: Necrophagist, Visceral Bleeding, Spawn Of Possession, Disavowed, Decrepit Birth, and Nile.

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Burgerkill Log Nomination "Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2013"

Burgerkill metal band the name of Indonesia to the international world of metal music. Burgerkill names nominated in Metal as F * ck at the prestigious world of metal music Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2013.

Award winners are determined through online polling system via Metal Hammer page. 
explanation page in the online magazine is a world-class metal, metal bands mentioned Burgerkill that shines and comes from Indonesia. 

"spearheading the incredible rise of the Indonesian metal scene. Burgerkill are the very definition of the trailblazers in 2013 , "wrote the . 
Burgerkill will compete with Pussy Riot, Nergal, Jason Newsted , and Sea Sepherd. Event Golden Gods will be held on June 17 at the Indigo2, The O2 Arena, London. Golden Gods is an awards event created a world-class metal magazine, Metal Hammer. 

Huge thanks to metal_hammer for the Metal As F * ck Nomination, we really appreciate it! Indonesia proud!! # goldengodslondon , "wrote the band from London via their Twitter account @ burgerkill666 .

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Ababil berdiri sejak tahun 1997, band ini bergenre Brutal Death Metal. Band ibukota ini di dalangi oleh: Boe'et - Vokal, Chimenz - Gitar, Abii Praza - Bass, dan Jaxx - Drum.

awal formasi yaitu Yasin - Vokal, Yongki - Gitar, dan Ari (Last Child) - Drum, seperti band yang lainnya, Ababil bongkar pasang posisi untuk mencapai klimaks, masa itu Ababil belum mendapatkan pembetot Bass permanen, dan posisinya hanya di backup oleh Pigar X Morbifik di setiap stage.


 Band ini bergenre Technical Death Metal, meraka pasukan hitam dari Cengkareng - Jakarta, berdiri sekitar pertengahan tahun 1994 yang di dalangi oleh: Chibob - Vocal, J-Meel - Gitar, dan Ie_Junk - Bass.

Aaarghhh mempunyai konsep mengombinasi musik Death Metal Klasik dengan Modern Metal.


((AUMAN)) band bergenre Heavy/Stoner/ Metal/Hard Rock, yang berasal dari Palembang - Sumatera berdiri sekitar tahun 2010. Band ini di dalangi oleh: Farid Amriansyah - Vokal, Erwin Wijaya - Gitar, Ahmad Ruliansyah - Gitar, Zarbin Sulaiman - Bass, dan Aulia Effendy - Drum.

Di pakainya nama ((AUMAN)) untuk band ini adalah suatu bentuk penghormatan untuk raja rimba yang keadaannya sekarang ini semakin ironis karena semakin tersingkirkan dari singgasanannya, siapa lagi kalau bukan Harimau Sumatera (Panthera Tigris Sumatera) yang menjadi icon keanggunan dan kegagahan tanah Sumatera.

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Ini dia 5 band metal Indonesia yang berkibar di luar negeri.

1. Death Vomit 

Sepanjang September 2010 lalu, Death Vomit menjalani Tour Australia. Selama sebulan penuh mereka menggebrak kota Perth, Geelong, Sydney, Melbourne, dan Brisbane. Menurut Oki bassist band beraliran death metal ini, hal ini merupakan yang biasa terjadi dimana saja Bermula dari ketertarikan Jason Hutagalung, pemilik xenophobic records terhadap Death Vomit, lantas setelah berembug untuk beberapa waktu, berangkatlah band asal Yogyakarta ini ke negeri kangguru tersebut.

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Illusion`s [DEMO]

Band Name - Illusion`s
Album Title - DEMO
Release Year - 2010
Release Labels - Umbramortis Label
Genre - Thrash Metal
Band From - Tangerang Selatan

Melody Maker - Symphony of Hatred Ep 2008

Band Name - Melody Maker
Album Title - Symphony of Hatred Ep
Release Year - 2008
Release Labels - Whisper Inc.
Genre - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Band From - Jakarta
Bit Rate - 128 Kbps
Source Audio Quality - CD Ripping

- Track Song -

01 From Dying Into Death
02 The Imposter
03 The Mannequine Of A Beauty Queen
04 Suicide After Promnite Massacre

3 Way Split - Medan Death Conspiracy 2010

Band Name - Various Artist
Album Title - 3 Way Split - Medan Death Conspiracy
Release Year - 2010
Release Labels - Traitors Records
Genre - Brutal Death Metal
Band From - Medan - Indonesia
Bit Rate - mp3@CBR 192 kbps
Source Audio Quality - CD Ripping


Atensi! Sekedar menekankan, bahwa konser SLIPKNOT di Jakarta (26 Juni 2011) dengan promoter JAVA Musikindo yang sempat beredar di jejaring sosial adalah HOAX alias berita bohong. Hal ini kembali mengingatkan isu serupa tentang konser Blink-182 di Jakarta beberapa tahun lalu. Anggap saja itu semua sebagai petisi pada promoter.

Mungkin anda juga minati ini.

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