Jumat, 30 September 2011

STRAIGHTOUT - Forsaken Upon Nemesis

STRAIGHTOUT - Forsaken Upon Nemesis
Genre : Metalcore
Size : 33Mb

After the success of her first album (Undying Beauty And The Symphony Of Sadness), they re-issued second album, the newest (Forsaken Upon Nemesis) in 2007, the composition of music that is more wild than the previous albums more and add to their maturity and consistency in play metalcore music.

Tracklist :
1. Black Chapter Diary 1
2. Black Chapter Diary 2
3. Cordelia Tears
4. Crupt Of Jackal
5. Forbiden Unearth
6. Forsaken Upon Nemesis
7. Fragment Of Dyingfast
8. Hidden Face Inflame
9. My Beloved Handmaiden
10. Nightingale
11. Nightbird Of Pregnant Skies
12. Sundown Hafe

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