Jumat, 30 September 2011

TROJAN - Metamorphosis As The Phenomenon (2010)

TROJAN - Metamorphosis As The Phenomenon

Genre : Brutal Death
Size : 61Mb
Myspace :

New band from the island of Bali has been further enliven the underground music world, though relatively new but musically the songs in the album METAMOREPHOSIS AS THE PHENOMENON consisting of 9 tracklist songs ready to shake the metalhead eardrum, can be described as a virus in a computer that is ready to shuffle a random system
Overall this album is worth is played ..

Tracklist :
1. Rise Of The Black Hole
2. Konflik Emosi Buta
3. Pleasure Of Sickness
4. Tanah Bertumbuh darah
5. Human Corpse Industry
6. Resureksi Batin
7. Klimaks Fatamorgana
8. Generasi Tanpa Agama
9. Metamorphosis As The Phenomenon

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